Acer palmatum ‘Bihou’ (Japanese Maple)

When the leaves are falling off of our deciduous trees and our yards are turning to muddled browns and greys it’s nice to have plants with winter interest that add some color to the outside of our homes.  The Bihou Japanese Maple is one such plant with beautiful bark in winter as well as gorgeous leaf color through the other three seasons.

In spring the leaves of the Bihou emerge chartreuse green with red edges.  In summer they turn to a full light green and in fall they are blazing with showy gold to orange tone.  In winter the beautiful yellow trunk blends to salmon orange twig tips.  It looks lovely as an understory tree grouped with coral bark maples.  For biggest impact plant it in front of a contrasting color – in front of a hedge of evergreens or against a house with very light or dark siding.  It may become lost in winter against brick.

The Bihou should be planted in an area with shade or only morning sun and likes regular well drained soil.  It will grow to 20-25 feet high and 15-20 feet wide. Learn more about Japanese Maples in this article.