Astilbe – Great Shade Plants!

Astilbes are blooming, hardy, herbaceous perennials with handsome, fern-like, foliage.  They featured tall stalks of dense, soft, feathery plumes of flowers in colors ranging from white to pink to purple to red.  Depending on variety, blooms appear from mid spring to summer, lasting several weeks.  The offer a fabulous texture and color contrast to hosta, and with similar growing preferences, they work fantastic together.  Mix them in shade to part shade along with ferns, heucheras and other shade perennials. They also look gorgeous planted en mass – plant several different varieties together to extend the blooming period.

In northern climates, Astilbe will tolerate more sun but in our North Carolina climate, more shade is best to prevent them from scorching.  Plants will bloom in full shade but will only reach their full growth potential with some sun.  They prefer rich, moist, soil and do not like periods of drought.  They are great planted under trees, around water features and will even tolerate some clay soil.  Plants are typically 12-24″ tall and can spread to up to 3 feet wide over time when happy.  Large plants should be divided every four years.  Butterflies love them and they are deer and rabbit resistant.

We have many varieties of Astilbe in stock at the garden center to choose from.  Add one of these graceful beauties to your garden this year!

Astilbe ‘Peach Blossom’ – Light pink blooms.

Astilbe ‘Ostrich Plume’ – Unique cascading pink blooms!  More heat tolerant than other varieties.

Astilbe ‘Ellie’ – Pure white blooms.

Astible ‘Deutschland’ – White blooms.

Astilbe ‘Fanal’ – Dark red blooms.

Astilbe ‘Beauty of Ernst’ – Very interesting, ever changing foliage.  Emerges electric green which turns to a blend of purple, burgundy and green.  In fall, foliage is a beautiful blend of gold, orange & russet.  More sun tolerant than other varieties with blooms of light pink.

Astilbe ‘Fireberry’ – Short variety with vibrant raspberry-pink blooms.

Astilbe ‘Visions’ – Thick, fluffy, pink-purple blooms.

Astilbe ‘Europa’ – Soft baby pink blooms.

Astilbe ‘Montgomery’ – Large, dark-red blooms.  Foliage emerges bronze.