Multi-Color Petunias

Petunias have long been a fail proof favorite for gardeners. These prolific bloomers are vigorous growers and bloom mid-spring through fall. With nearly endless color possibilities, they mix and match with most anything. Plants benefit from deadheading but it’s not necessary for success.  To deadhead, pinch or clip off spent blooms just below the green part of the plant where the bloom emerges.  Plant in sun to part sun and enjoy blooms in three seasons.  Petunias are also deer resistant and make a gorgeous annual ground cover.  New varieties have included more upright growers, heavier trailers under the ‘wave’ name and many with interesting veins of color and bi-color & multi-color options.  Here are some of our favorites:

Picasso in Pink shows of their hot pink centers with lime edges!

Pretty Much Picasso is similar to Picasso in Pink but with a purple center.

Sophistica Lime Bicolor is an interesting and beautiful splotchy bright pink and lime-cream combo.

Double Peppermint is a frilly, double blooming white and pink.

Purple Pirouette is a frilly, double blooming white and purple.

Cha-Ching Cherry is a deep red with yellow-cream star centers.

Marvel Beauty Blueberry is a beautiful lavender color with dark purple veins and a yellow center.

Marvel Beauty Raspberry features rose pink petals with dark pink veining and yellow centers.

If you are looking for a new twist on an old staple, these petunia varieties are the perfect plant!