Botanical Interests – Heirloom Seeds

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As a small business, we love supporting other small and family businesses too.  One great example is Botanical Interests, one of our most popular seed vendors.  Botanical Interests is a company with a great story and it all starts with love.

In 1989, Curtis Jones and Judy Seaborn met while both waiting for an interview with a California grower.  She got the job and shortly after contacted Curtis to give him a lead on a client and they arranged to meet up over dinner.  They fell in love and moved to Colorado after the San Francisco earthquake later that year.  Curtis took a job with a seed company, and four years later he decided they could do something better.

In 1995 the couple started their own seed company in their home.  Life was sometimes hectic with seed boxes often taking over their living spaces and lives.  Back then they offered 96 varieties of seed.  Now, Botanical Interests sources more than 600 types of seed with about half of that inventory consisting of heirloom varieties and including about 150 organics.

The company has now grown quite large but they still maintain a small business feel.  Their dogs travel with them to work and their employees work in a laid-back atmosphere. In addition to plants, they share a love for the arts which shows in each of their seed packets.

Each seed packet is beautifully illustrated.  The inside contains loads of specific information about the origins of each variety and information about how to start and care for them. Some even have interesting facts and recipes.  With the valueable information on each packet, it makes starting and growing your plants from seed easy!

We offer a wide range of Botanical Interests seeds – please stop in to see our current selection.