Calycanthus ‘Aphrodite’ (Carolina Allspice, Sweet Shrub)

calycanthus aphroditeThis selection may be the queen of all Carolina Allspice shrubs!  The gigantic blooms are larger than any other cultivar of Calycanthus while maintaining the loved fragrance this plant is known for – which is why it’s sometimes referred to as sweet shrub.  Better yet, this variety is a re-bloomer and will delight all summer long.  Developed right here in North Carolina, Aphrodite, thrives in our state.  Allspice is easy going and tolerates a variety of soil conditions including sandy, clay, damp or dry soils.  It does best in full sun to part shade. Almost no maintenance once this sweet shrub is established, and it’s resistant to nibbling deer.  Butterflies flock to it’s huge fragrant flowers – and so will you as they fill the garden with a delicious fragrance. Mature plants can grow up to 7 feet high and 5-6 feet wide but can be pruned in winter to maintain size. Carolina Allspice works well as a  featured foundation plant, in a hedge or at the back of the border.