Citrus Trees – Kaffir Lime, Satsuma Orange, Calamondin & More!

We carry a wide variety of citrus trees for indoors & out!  In North Carolina, most citrus trees should spend their summers in the outdoors in the sun and their winters inside. There is one line of citrus though, Arctic Frost, that can be planted outside year round.  These citrus are only available sporadically in limited availability. Citrus we carry includes Satsuma, Mexican Lime, Kaffir Lime, Calamondin & Meyer Lemon although our availability changes throughout the year; please call to confirm current selections.


Citrus unshiu ‘Miho’ is a Mandarin orange that blooms year round with fruits ripening mid to late fall. This self-fertile plant produces very juicy, sweet & low acid fruits. It has an upright but low spreading growth habit, maturing at 10-12 ft. tall.


Arctic Frost SatsumaCitrus reticulata ‘Gremoy 79’ features nearly seedless, small edible oranges and is winter hardy to zone 7!  Unlike most citrus that needs to be taken in for the winter, this tree can be planted outside.  Tested on our property over the winter of 2013, the Arctic Frost Hardy Satsuma has proved to be a true hardy orange.  It lived in a container outside all winter and as we all know, container plants are more fragile than those left in the ground, AND 2013 was one of our coldest winters!  Planted outside this Satsuma will reach up to 12-15 feet tall and just 6 feet in a container.  They also feature white blooms.


Mexican Lime

Citrus aurantifoliaCitrus aurantifolia is self pollinating and features white flowers when blooming.  The fruits are tart and perfect for juice, zest and as a cocktail garnish.  Grows 6-12 ft. tall.

Meyer Lemon

Myer Lemon 2 sq reducedCitrus limon ‘Meyer’ is a favorite indoor lemon tree.  While the fruits edible it’s best attribute might be it’s blooms!  Beautiful mauve buds open to white, extremely fragrant flowers.  Blooms come twice a year and make way for ornamental fruits that are also edible.  Learn more about Meyer Lemons here.


variegated myer lemonCitrus limon ‘Variegated Meyer’ is a unique variegated variety!  Features variegated fruit and leaves.  Same delicious fruits and fragrant flowers as a traditional Meyer.


Calamondinn reducedCitrofortunella mitis are citrus trees that are prolific producers of tart orange like fruits.  Fruits are a kumquat orange cross and have a lime-orange taste.  They are very ornamental as the fruits will hang for months before harvesting.  They are idea for eating, juicing or for making jelly and marmalade.  Calamondin is a great container citrus tree and can grow up to 10 feet tall.

Kaffir Lime

Citrus hystirxCitrus hystrix is a dwarf lime tree used to add a zesty flavor to cooking with it’s aromatic leaves and rinds. It is popular in Asian cooking but is not the best suited citrus for flesh eating.  It will love container living alternating indoors and out with the seasons.