David Austin Roses

David Austin roses are magnificent English roses.  As a group, they are reliable and easy to grow.  Their new flagship collection, the Simple-to-Grow Collection are a selection of David Austin’s best roses.  Gardeners can rest assure they are purchasing beautiful, fragrant and reliable roses.  They are easy to grow with repeat flowering.

Simple-to-Grow David Austin Roses:

Carding Mill

Beautiful blooms in shades of rich apricot.  Glorious myrrh fragrance.  A compact rounded shrub.  Low maintenance.

Claire Austin

Large, cupped, creamy white blooms.  Strong scent of myrrh, meadowsweet and vanilla.  Elegant, arching shrub.  Vigorous and healthy. Low-maintenance, climbing.

Darcy Brusell

Deep, rich crimson rosettes.  Excellent repeating and disease resistance.  Fruity fragrance.  Short, bushy growth.  Low maintenance.  A recent release.  Winner of the Best Shrub Award in the first International Rose Trials held at Biltmore, NC in 2013.

Gertrude Jekyll

Large rosettes of rich, glowing pink.  Glorious, strong, well-balanced, old rose fragrance. Upright, vigorous and very healthy.  Climbing.

Litchfield Angel

Deep cups open to neat, creamy apricot rosettes.  Very free-flowering.  A shapely shrub.  Light, spicy scent.  Simple to grow, low maintenance.


Yellow flowers with exceptional freedom and continuity.  Lovely musk, tea rose fragrance.  Superb, healthy shrub with upright growth.  Low maintenance.

Mustead Wood

Deep Velvety crimson blooms.  Strong old rose fragrance with fruity notes.  Forms a broad, bushy shrub.  Low maintenance.

Teasing Georgia

Perfectly arranged creamy yellow petals in cupped blooms.  Wonderful, strong tea rose fragrance.  Strong, graceful and very healthy.  Low maintenance, climbing.

Winchester Cathedral

Massed white blooms.  Strong old rose, honey and almond fragrance.  Particularly free-flowering and healthy.  Low maintenance.

Tess of the D’urbervilles
Large crimson blooms, beautifully formed double full bloom. Old rose fragrance. Medium sized shrub with robust growth.

Graham Thomas
Beautiful double yellow blooms in a rich color. Medium strong, fresh tea fragrance.

Pat Austin
Stunning copper blooms with copper-yellow on the petal’s reverse. Large double bloom English roses has a warm, sensuous fragrance.

Strawberry Hill
Gorgeouse double rose-pink blooms with lighter pink edges. Medium blooms on medium shrub plants. Myrrh fragrance.

The Generous Gardener
Strong old rose, musky fragrance in a very soft double pink. Delicate and charming.

We have a vast selection of other roses available including Hyrid Tea, Grandiflora, Floribunda, Climbing, Drift and Knock-Out Roses.  To see our selection of roses in stock for 2015, see this article.