Daylilies – The Perfect Perennials

Daylilies photo courtesy of _G2 via

Daylilies photo courtesy of _G2 via

Hemerocallis (Daylilies) are fabulous landscape plants and have been called the “perfect perennial.”  They are so easy to grow.  The daylily survives in a range of USDA zones, is tolerant of drought and will thrive nearly anywhere in your yard – a steep bank, en mass along a driveway, in the perennial bed, or in containers.  They are so low maintenance you sometimes spot them growing in old fields or along a country road.

Day Lily smAs the name suggests, blooms last the length of the day but their plentiful buds are ready for the next day.  New hybridized re-blooming cultivars are also available for extended bloom time such as ‘Happy Returns’ and ‘Stella D’Oro’.  Daylilies are available in nearly every color range except true blue and pure white.  They grow in clumps, 1-4 feet tall and wide depending on variety and age.  Flower clusters form on naked stalks above arching, blade-like foliage.  Some blooms are fragrant and some are not.

While daylilies do well in a variety of soil conditions, they will be most happy in a rich, moist, well-drained soil.  Plant them in full sun to part sun. Every three years or so, clumps of most varieties can be divided, and benefit from doing so.

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Description of Available Varieties

Stella D’Oro – One of the most common, and most famous, varieties.  Blooms early to mid-summer and re-blooms again late summer to fall.  Bright gold 2-3” blooms.  Dwarf plants grow 10-16” tall.

Purple D’Oro – A purple version of the Stella de Oro! Reddish-purple flowers with yellow throats.

Little Business – Crimson-strawberry extended blooms come mid-season.  Small, compact plants grow 12-15”.

Hemerocallis 'Pardon Me' Daylily photo courtesy of F.D. Richards via

Hemerocallis ‘Pardon Me’ photo courtesy of F.D. Richards via

Pardon Me – Cranberry-red blooms with yellow-green throat.  Blooms mid-season.  Re-bloomer.  Dwarf plants grow 12-18” tall.

Happy Returns – Pure yellow blooms on small plants 15-18” tall.  Repeat bloomer as name suggests. 2-3” blooms.

Mini Pearl – Fragrant, apricot blooms with 3” flowers.  Blooms early to mid-season and re-blooms.  Dwarf plants reach just 12-18”

Pojo –Double 3” gold to dark-yellow blooms. Blooms early and re-blooms.  Grows to 19” tall.

Red Mystique – Dark-red blooms with yellow throat appear mid-season.  Grows 18-24” tall.

Hemerocallis 'Moonlit Masquerade'

Hemerocallis ‘Moonlit Masquerade’

Moonlit Masquerade – Beautiful, large (6”), blooms are creamy-white with a burgundy-purple eye arrive early to mid-season.  Re-bloomer. Grows to 24” tall.

Always Afternoon – Early bloomer with large 5-6” blooms.  Gorgeous mauve color with buff ruffled edges, a plum eye and yellow throat.  Re-bloomer.  Grows 18-24”.

Pink Flirt – An absolutely beautiful selection!  Large, 6”, pale pink blooms with a yellow-green throat.  Fragrant.  Re-bloomer.  Grows 18-24”.

Obsidian – Large 27” tall plants with dark-burgundy, medium-sized 4-5” blooms that come on mid-season.

Bonanza – Canary-yellow blooms with deep-red throats come mid to late season.  Plants are large, reaching 24-36”

Hyperion – One of the tallest daylilies.  Large lemon-yellow blooms are up to 6” across and fragrant.  This is an old-fashioned favorite.  Grows 36-48”