Early Spring Seed Starting Dates

shutterstock_1310187Early Spring Starting Dates

Starting seeds indoors is a rewarding gardening project!  You can grow your own plants by starting seeds indoors before the growing season really gets started.  A pack of seeds costs just a few dollars or less and you can grow many great plants from each pack.  In the NC Piedmont region, which includes Raleigh, February & March are great months to start your cool weather vegetable seeds.  These cool weather loving veggies are able to jump start your vegetable growing season and extend the harvest of delicious veggies from your home garden!  In March you can begin to start your warm season vegetables indoors, like tomatoes & peppers.  We carry conventional seeds as well as organic, heirloom and non-GMO seeds from companies like Baker Creek & Botanical Interest. Make sure to shop for seeds early to get the best selection! For seed starting tips see our article here.

Seeds to Start for Early Spring Planting


Seed Starting Dates

Beets Feb. 15th – April 1st
Broccoli Dec. 1st – Mar. 15th
Cabbage Dec. 1st – Mar. 15th
Carrot Feb. 1st – Mar. 1st
Cauliflower Feb. 1st – Mar. 1st
Endive Feb. 1st – Mar. 15th
Kale Feb. 15th – April 1st
Kohlrabi Feb. 15th – April 15th
Lettuces Feb. 15th – April 1st
Mustards Feb. 1st  – April 1st
Garden Peas Feb. 1st – Mar. 1st
Radish Feb. 1st  – April 15th
Rutabaga Feb. 1st – April 1st
Spinach Feb. 1st – Mar. 15th
Turnip Feb. 1st – April 15th

For fall seed starting dates see this article here.

Seeds to Start for Spring & Summer Planting


Seed Starting Dates

Cucumbers Mar. 22nd- April 15th
Eggplant Mar. 1st- April 15th
Melons Mar. 22nd- April 15th
Peppers Mar. 1st- April 15th
Squash Mar. 1st- April 15th
Tomatoes Mar. 1st- April 15th

If you didn’t get a change to start your plants we have lots of cool-weather plants for sale at the garden center starting in late February.  Warm season veggie plants – like tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers are available in April.

February is also the month to plant your onion sets and Irish potatoes outside.  Onions can be planted in early to mid February while potatoes should be planted toward the end of February.

In March you can still plant potatoes and onions as well as garlic and asparagus!

New Seeds we love:

tonda di parisi carrotTonda di Parigi Carrot 

Snack-sized carrot with tender, sweet flavor. It’s shallow roots make it perfect for containers or heavy soils.



Atomic Red CarrotAtomic Red Carrots

Brilliant. Unique.  Healthy. When you steam, roast, or stir-fry these carrots, the contrast intensifies between the brilliant red outer layer and the bright orange inner core. High-lycopene variety.


premier blend kalePremier Blend Kale

A mix of Dwarf Blue Curled, Improved Dwarf Siberian, Lacinato, Premier, and Red Russian that gives you a variety of colors, textures, sizes and flavor.


Summer purple broccoliSummer Purple Broccoli 

A sprouting broccoli with multiple shoots instead of one head. Good heat tolerance and unlike other broccolis can be grown through the summer. The purple florets make this broccoli extra unique! A beautiful addition to a vegetable platter.


fordhook giant swiss chardFordhook Giant Swiss Chard

This Swiss chard has large leaves with meaty white stems. Long growing season. Packed with vitamins and minerals.



watermelon radishWatermelon Mantanghong Radish 

Large gourmet radish that is 3″ in diameter with a rosy red interior. Sweet flavor and tender, crispy texture.