Elaeagnus pungens (Silverthorn)

Elaeagnus pungens (Silverthorn) is an evergreen shrub with handsome olive green foliage with bright silver backs. Whitish flowers are not showy but are sweetly fragrant! Blossoms make way for small, edible fruits, red with silver speckles, that make good jelly and are a delight to the wildlife. Plants are fast growing and make a great screening shrub alongside Cryptomeria ‘Yoshino’ and Southern Magnolia. They grow to 10 feet or more and can be trained on trellises.

Elaeagnus tolerates various environmental and soil conditions, including heat, cold, wind, coastal conditions, shade, and full sun. It is very drought-tolerant and hates wet feet.

Also consider another fragrant shrub, Osmanthus fragrans.