Workshops, Classes & Seminars

We offer a variety of free,  informative seminars plus great make-and-take workshops throughout the year.  Below is a list of our current schedule.  We love sharing our knowledge and teaching others how to garden! Space is limited and classes will fill up quickly so register today to save your place!  You may register online with pay-pal by clicking the date of the seminar below, in store, or by calling us at (919) 878-8877.  Want a private workshop?  We offer weekday container garden and fairy garden workshops for groups of 6 or more.


Backyard Birding Session 2: Nest Building
February 28th 10am
This hands-on, interactive workshop is all about building!  We’ll be building a robin shelf and we’ll talk all about nest building by the birds.  Now is the time birds are looking for housing so they can get to work building a nest for spring babies.  We’ll discuss types of bird houses and the best places to put them.  We will also share our journal entries and discuss birds we’ve seen in our yards since our last class.  Fee is $10/person and includes all the materials to build a robin shelf to take home.  If you missed the first workshop and would like to join in journaling with us, we have journals available in the store for purchase.  Please bring a hammer.  Please register prior to Feb. 21st so the instructor has adequate time to prepare materials- online or call us today!  See our full list of Backyard Birding workshops here.



Lawns Made Easy!
Sun., March 1st 2pm
Join us as we welcome back former manager Jason Holt for a class on lawn care!  Jason will cover Bonide’s easy 4-Phase approach to a healthy lawn as well as explain how to control common lawn pests including weeds, insects and moles. Bring in weeds from your lawn for identification and a sample of your soil for testing – as always, we will perform both at no charge!  Let our experts help you get your lawn looking great this year.  This class is free but please register today to save your space -online or call us at (919) 878-8877.

Session 3: Plants for the Birds
April 25th 10 am
We will discuss why to plant for the birds and the benefits of native plants and using organic fertilizer.  Did you know that the plants that birds love are also usually loved by butterflies and other beneficial insects? We will discuss the benefits of bugs in the garden as well as share interesting entries from our journals.  Workshop fee is $10/person and includes some flower plants and seeds to take home.

Session 4: Baby it’s HOT outside!
July 11th 10am
In this birding class we will discuss water needs for the birds and different water features you can add to your gardens.  We’ll also talk how beneficial fruit and veggie scraps from the kitchen can be to the birds! Workshop fee is $10/person.  Each individual will receive a small piece of pond liner and instructions for creating a small “watering hole” for birds, butterflies, toads and other small animals.  We will end the session as always with a sharing from our journals.

Session 5: Save the Garden for the Birds!
October 3rd 10am
As we clean up our gardens for the year, there is a lot we can save for the birds!  We’ll talk about what to get rid of and what to keep as well as how to clean our nesting boxes and what to provide for our birds to last them through the winter. Fee is $10/person.  Each participant will get a special treat to take home for the birds.








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