Illicium anisatum ‘Purple Glaze’

Illicium Purple GlazeA new Garden Debut introduction, this fantastic Illicium has beautiful dark burgundy-purple growth.  As it matures foliage turns a glossy medium to dark green, with light variegation in younger leaves,  and stays green all year.  Like other Illicium, this one is sure to be a dependable performer in your garden.  It’s easy going and will do best planted in part shade in moist soil.  This fall Purple Glaze will add a nice contrasting color to the firery colors of your changing deciduous trees and shrubs. Since it is evergreen, it will provide a nice background all winter long.  Next spring it will feature small white flowers with pink stripes.  Purple Glaze is a fabulous choice when you wish to add a shrub with year-round interest to your landscape.

Other Illiciums we love include ‘Pink Frost’ and ‘Florida Sunshine’.