Koi, Goldfish & Other Pond Fish

Ponds are the pinnacle of all garden water features.  They offer a spectacular focal point in any yard.  The relaxing sound of a pond fountain or waterfall adds another dimension to the garden while fish dazzle and entertain children and adults alike.  Always busy, sometimes comical, fish are fun to watch, feed and care for.  We have many options for pond fish here at Atlantic Avenue Orchid & Garden.  We love providing our customers with top quality koi and goldfish!Fish small


Koi are one of the most popular of pond fish.  Originating from Japan, koi are ornamental varieties of domesticated carp (the word koi means “carp” in Japanese.)  Koi are colorful, glimmering pond fish that are active, inquisitive and friendly, often being trained to eat directly from their owners hands.  Their coloration and patterning is vibrant and diverse, making way for many different named varieties.  Major colors found in koi are white, black, red, yellow & blue.  New varieties are actively developed on an ongoing basis.

We carry standard koi in a variety of sizes.

Butterfly Koi

butterflyWe carry butterfly koi from the fish hatchery that developed the butterfly koi over 20 years ago and continues to perfect these beautiful fish.  Butterfly koi have fins that are long and flowing.  They are a dazzling addition to any fish pond!


img_8484A type of goldfish that is long and slender with sleek fins and a single tail.  They are more active than the common goldfish.

Premium Sarasa Comets

img_8415Sarasa comets are marbled red and white with our premium selection featuring the brightest red contrasted by pure white.  The sarasa coloration was developed to resemble the color patterning in Kohaku koi.

Apricot Blush Comets

C4221These beautiful specimens are a customer favorite!  Apricot scales are slightly translucent, showing the red bodies underneath making the fish appear to be blushing.  A very unique and beautiful color.



A type of fancy goldfish with long flowing fins and calico patterning.

Hi Fin Banded Shark

shark_1These fish originally imported from China are not actual sharks at all.  Their unique appearance is a grand addition to the pond.  Since they are not really sharks they will not prey on your other pond fish; instead, they are voracious algae eaters! They are peaceful and play well with others.

Blue Channel Catfish

These are the sanitation engineerscatfish of the garden pond!  They are omnivorous and clean out detritus and algae like it’s their job!  A great addition to the fish pond and do just fine with other fish.

Selection and availability can change from week to week.  Please stop in or call to confirm our current availability.