March Madness Rhododendrons!

These new Rhododendron varieties are just in time for the NCAA College Basketball tournament! Choose from varieties like Slam Dunk, Hoopla & March Madness!

Slam Dunk reduced

 Rhododendron x ‘Slam Dunk’

This rhododendron’s frilly, vivid magenta flowers have a deep burgundy throat. Bred for cold hardiness, this vigorous plant makes a great evergreen hedge or accent.


Hoopla reducedRhododendron x ‘Hoopla’

See what all the hoopla is about! This rhododendron, bred to be cold hardy, has unique pink flowers with a contrasting yellow throat. This evergreen shrub is great as a garden accent or flowering hedge.   


March Madness reduced

Rhododendron x ‘March Madness’

An early blooming hybrid, ‘March Madness’ blooms up to three weeks before other evergreen rhododendrons! Cotton candy pink blooms with a red throat blotch, perch atop compact shrubs. Perfect as a garden accent or low hedge.

For more information on planting and caring for Rhododendrons, see our article here.