Penstemon – New Taffy Series

Penstemon ‘Blueberry Taffy’

Penstemon ‘Stawberry Taffy’

Penstemon, sometimes commonly known as beardtongue, is a low maintenance perennial that thrives in hot and sunny conditions.  Depending on variety, plants grow from one to three feet tall.  They work well as a cut flower.  Plant in full sun and provide plants with ample room and well drained soil.  Once established, plants are easy going and tolerate a little drought.   Their tubular flowers attract hummingbirds and butterflies and range from pink to red to purple to blue to white.

Two newer varieties we currently have blooming at the garden center feature spectacular color!  Strawberry and Blueberry Taffy are both dazzling.  Strawberry Taffy features blooms with strawberry pink edges and a white center with strawberry pink lines.  Blueberry Taffy features light purple blooms laced with reddish purple lines. These make a spectacular edition to the garden this season!