Phlox paniculata (Garden Phlox)

Phlox photo courtesy of titanium22 via Flickr

Phlox photo courtesy of titanium22 via Flickr

Phlox are wonderful blooming native perennials that grow in sun to part shade. Phlox paniculata, or Garden Phlox are the upright varieties of phlox with large panicles of star shaped blooms. Generally, Phlox paniculata grow tall from 24-48” depending on variety. New introductions also include dwarf plants growing to 18” or less. They are best planted in full to part sun and prefer evenly moist, well draining soil. They do fantastic in our area as they are native to the Southeast including the state of North Carolina.  They are easy to care for and low maintenance. Blooms appear on sturdy, upright stems in clusters. Some varieties are fragrant. Blooms all summer! Because of it’s popularity, it has been extensively hybridized to produce a multitude of bloom colors. Blooms range from shades of pink, purple, orange, red and white, many with contrasting eyes and bi-colors. They attract both butterflies and hummingbirds.

Care & Fertilization

Plox photo courtesy of Dendroica cerulea via Flickr

Plox photo courtesy of Dendroica cerulea via Flickr

For healthiest plants, don’t crowd them and provide them with some air circulation around plants.  In spring, thin out new growth leaving 5-7 of the tallest, strongest stems and add a layer of compost around plants.  Deadheading will encourage re-blooming.  Clumps should be divided every 2-3 years for optimal vigor.

Phlox Varieties

‘Shockwave’ – Yellow-green variegated leaf! Lavender-pink flowers with a white eye. 12-18” tall.

‘Franz Schubert’ – Blooms June-September. Flowers are pink-lavender with a dark pink center and a hint of white edging. Grows 36” tall.

‘Peacock White’ – Pure white blooms with good fragrance. Grows 18-24” tall. ‘White Flame’ – White blooms on dwarf plant. Blooms early with extended bloom time. Grows 12-18” tall.

‘Orange Perfection’ – Nearly true-orange, blooms are vivid coral-pink with a magenta eye. Brilliant blooms from summer to fall. Very unique, unmatched color. Grows to 32” tall.

Phlox paniculata 'Tequilla Sunrise' and 'Caribbean Red'

Phlox paniculata ‘Tequilla Sunrise’ and ‘Caribbean Red’

‘Peacock Cherry Red’ – Red blooms with old-fashioned fragrance. Grows 18-24” tall.

‘Tequilla Sunrise’ – Salmon-orange blooms with red centers. Grows 18-24” tall.

‘Red Caribbean’ – Pink striped flowers with bright red centers. Dwarf plants grow up to 16” tall.

‘Swizzle’ – Pale pink flowers with intense pink-magenta eyes makes for very gorgeous blooms. Dwarf plants grow 10-16” tall.