Plant Bulbs – and Keep the Pests Away!

Already dreaming of Spring? Fall is the time to plant spring bulbs.  In this zone it is typically best to plant from Halloween to Christmas but you’ll want to shop earlier for best selection.  We have a great selection of Crocus, Tulips, Daffodills, Narcissus, Hyacinth, and if you want to force bulbs indoors – paperwhites and amaryllis as well.  It’s a common misconception that bulbs are fussy when actually, they are as easy as dig, drop, done!

The most common problem with bulbs are our furry friends of all sizes: deer, moles, voles and sometimes squirrels.


We are often asked, “What’s the difference between moles and voles?”  Moles are carnivores- eating mostly grubs, worms and insects.  Voles are the vegetarians and lovers of our plants and bulbs.  Moles are responsible for the little tunnels that cause annoying upheaval in our lawns and gardens.  It’s those tunnels that the destructive voles use to sneak around.  So voles are the culprits of most of our garden destruction but the mole happens to be an accessory to the crime! Deterring all of these furry creatures can be accomplished so we can still enjoy the first burst of color in spring.

Daffodils & Hyacinth are hardy bulbs that will last for years; they are naturally deer and vole resistant.  You can even uses these bulbs as a ring around other bulbs to help deter these pesky pests (this method also works for rhododendrons and camellias that are a love of voles).  Other items we carry to keep them away are metal net bags to protect your bulbs as well as a variety of organic and natural deterrents.  These include liquid and granular Mole Max as well as Go Away, I Must Garden and Plant Saver brand animal repellents.  These methods are successful at keeping unwanted animals out of our gardens.  Another product that deters voles is permatil.  This sharp, expanded slate product is great at keeping the voles away.  It also provides permanent drainage assistance to your soil when planting plants that require excellent drainage such as rhododendrons, lavender and azaleas.

Another way to deter pests is to enjoy bulbs in a container on the deck, porch or patio.  Bulbs make a wonderful addition to container gardens and can even be planted in layers.

Stop in to pick up a selection of quality spring bulbs for your flower beds today and then sit back and enjoy the show that starts in February!  For more bulb planting tips, see our dig, drop, done article.