Plant Warranty

Our Landscape Forever Guarantee

Plant materials are guaranteed forever when maintained continuously by Atlantic Avenue Orchid & Garden under one of our maintenance programs.

Our Guarantee

shutterstock_76603762We guarantee our plants to be true to name and in healthy growing condition upon purchase or installation.  Please remember that plants are living things and need maintenance and care.  After purchase, it is the responsibility of the owner to give the plant reasonable care: the success of a plant will largely depend on it receiving sufficient water and fertilizer during their growing season to keep them healthy.

Please contact us with any questions you may have about plant care. Should you notice plant decline, such as wilting, leaf drop, discoloration, or insect infestation, call us immediately.  Early notification allows us to diagnose the plant(s) and recommend solutions.

If Planted by our Professional Landscape Department

  • Fall Trees and Shrubs resized1 year guarantee for trees and shrubs.  We will provide a one time replacement for each plant, given it has received reasonable care.
  • Perennials are guaranteed to the end of the growing season given they have received reasonable care.
  • During the first 6 months, we will replace the plant and install it free of charge. After 6 months, labor will be charged at the current rate.  If the replacement plant is not available during the time limits of the guarantee, we will offer an alternative replacement, or store credit.

If Planted by you

  • We offer a 6 months guarantee for trees and shrubs classified as hardy in zone 7b.
  • With the purchase of a Plant Starter Kit: 100% one-time replacement for trees and shrubs, given the plant has received reasonable care.
  • Without the purchase of a Plant Starter Kit: 50% one-time replacement for trees and shrubs, given the plant has received reasonable care.
  • We cannot guarantee identical replacements due to plant availability.  If the same species/cultivar or suitable alternative is not available, store credit will be given.  No cash refunds are permitted.
  • To make a claim, please return the dead plant (including the roots) to Atlantic Avenue Orchid & Garden.  A salesperson will examine the plant at your vehicle. If the plant is not completely dead, bring a photo to our store so we can assess the condition of the plant.  Please do not bring dead plant material into the sales area in case of disease.

Please present original receipt/invoice for replacements or credit.

Exceptions to our Warranty

  • Annuals, tropicals, houseplants and plants not designated as winter hardy in zone 7b.
  • Perennials are only guaranteed when planted by our landscape professionals.
  • Plants not planted in the ground.
  • Plants that were planted in a site unsuitable for their growing requirements.
  • Plants discounted 25% or more.
  • Plants that die due to gross negligence (failure to water regularly, over-watering, damage from chemical application, physical damage such as from mowers, weed eaters, cars, etc.)
  • Plants that are damaged or killed due to acts of nature such as lightning, tornadoes, drought, frost, ice storms and/or floods, etc.
  • Plants that are damaged or killed due to human or wildlife/animal damage (deer, rabbits, etc.)
  • Plants that die due to insect infestation unless covered by a maintenance contract with us.
  • Plants that have been transplanted from the site where our installers planted them.
  • Plants that were installed by a landscaping crew other than Atlantic Avenue Orchid & Garden.
  • Plant performance (blooming, leaf color, rate of growth) is not guaranteed.  If a plant is not blooming properly or growing to meet your expectations, contact us – we are more than happy to advise you on how to remedy the issue.