Types of Roses and Spring 2014 Availability

We have so many beautiful roses to choose from this time  of year!  Once you decide on the type of rose you are looking to add to your garden or collection, you’ll find a gallery of all of our available roses this year.

Rose Classes

Climbers:  Roses that can be trained along fences or walls.  Variable in flower size, form and mature habit.

Hybrid Tea: Large flowers generally one per stem, medium to tall in habit.  Long stems suitable for cutting.

Grandiflora:  Large flowers in clusters, usually taller in habit, individual stems within each cluster are suitable for cutting.

Floribunda:  Medium flowers in clusters.  Often more compact habit with medium length stems.

Knock-Out:  Low maintenance, re-blooming shrub roses.

Blaze Improved – Climbing

Most popular climbing rose.  Abundant cluster of pure red flowers.  Blooms on new and old wood.  Lightly fragrant.

New Dawn –  Climbing

Hardy and Vigorous.  Large, fragrant pale-pink flowers. Blooms on new and old wood.

Sunsprite – Floribunda

Deep, lasting yellow color with super sweet fragrance. Glossy, deep green leaves on an attractive bushy plant with good disease resistance.

Brandy – Hybrid Tea

Very lovely, large, classically-formed flowers in a gorgeous rich apricot color.  Elegant pointed buds on cutting stems with dark green leaves.

Chrysler Imperial – Hybrid Tea

Strong, rich, rose fragrance and velvet red petals.  Large, fully shaped flowers on straight stems and dark matte green leaves.  Vigorous and happiest in hot temperatures.

Fragrant Cloud – Hybrid Tea

Lots of large blooms produced on a vigorous bushy plant with dark, glossy green foliage.  Blooms are a beautiful coral-orange and deliciously fragrant – spicy and sweet.

Honor – Hybrid Tea

Huge, well-formed white blooms atop a tall, vigorous plant.  The large dark green leaves and bronzy-red new growth. Disease resistant.  High yields of long stems for cutting. Slight fragrance.

Iceburg – Floribunda

One of the top ten roses of the world.  Extremely disease resistant, vigorous and abundant blooms.  Low maintenance bushy, rounded plant great for hedges.

John F. Kennedy – Hybrid Tea

Slow-opening fragrant flowers are rich white starting off with a greenish cast in the bud stage.  Stands up well to hot weather.

Miss All American Beauty – Hybrid Tea

Deep hot pink blooms with a strong fragrance.  Contest winner performs well in all climates.

Mister Lincoln – Hybrid Tea

Large pointed buds and rich, well formed, velvet red blooms.  Powerful damask rose fragrance.  Long stems and dark green leaves.

Peace – Hybrid Tea

Huge, opulent blooms in a gorgeous blend of lemon yellow with pure pink edges.  Easy to grow.  Mild scent.

Perfume Delight – Hybrid Tea

Deep rose pink blooms with a strong rose scent.  Long stems on vigorous upright plants.

Queen Elizabeth – Grandiflora

First and finest grandiflora pleases with a profusion of large pink blooms on long stemmed clusters.  Consistent performer with moderate fragrance.

Tiffany – Hybrid Tea

Pure pink with yellow base.  Super sweet fragrance.

Cinco de Mayo – Floribunda

Clusters of mysteriously colored blooms.  Smoky lavender and rusty red-orange blooms keep coming for a long bloom time.

Dick Clark – Grandiflora

Black red buds open to blooms of cream & cherry blushed burgundy.  Long cutting stems.  Easy to grow.

Falling in Love – Hybrid Tea

Warm pink blooms with a cream reverse on sturdy stems suitable for cutting.

Ketchup & Mustard – Floribunda

Petals are bright red on one side and dark yellow on the other side.  Compact.  Mild fragrance.

Neptune – Hybrid Tea

Large, lucious lavender blooms tinged with purple.  Abundant blooms on a vital plant.

Oh My! – Floribunda

Deep velvety red in grand clusters of ruffled flowers.  Good disease resistance.  Can be used as a hedge or alone in the garden.

Pope John Paul II – Hybrid Tea

Among the most fragrant of white roses of all time!  Exceptional.  Vigorous grower that produces an abundance of flowers and is disease resistant.

Rainbow Sorbet – Floribunda

First to bloom in spring.  Blooms are deep yellow mixed with orange and red.  Prolific bloomer continues to produce through Fall.

Rio Samba – Hybrid Tea

Brightly colored medium-sized flowers in small clusters make a vibrant garden display.  Gorgeous yellow blushed with pink and orange.

Sugar Moon – Hybrid Tea

Pure white blooms with intense sweet citrus and rose scent.  Vigorous plant with long cutting stems.

Veterans’ Honor – Hybrid Tea

The ultimate red Hybrid Tea.  Huge blossoms with stunning color.  Grows on long cutting stems with mild fragrance.

Happy Go Lucky – Grandiflora

Big, fragrant and full blossoms of pure yellow have the charm of English roses.  Vigorous plant and heavy bloomer with moderate fragrance.

Carding Mill – David Austin Rose

Beautiful blooms in shades of rich apricot.  Glorious myrrh fragrance.  A compact rounded shrub.  Simple to grow, low maintenance.

Claire Austin – David Austin Rose

Large, cupped, creamy white blooms.  Strong scent of myrrh, meadowsweet and vanilla.  Elegant, arching shrub.  Vigorous and healthy. Simple to grow, low-maintenance, climbing.

Darcy Brusell – David Austin Rose

Deep, rich crimson rosettes.  Excellent repeating and disease resistance.  Fruity fragrance.  Short, bushy growth.  Simple to grow and low maintenance.  A recent release.  Winner of the Best Shrub Award in the first International Rose Trials held at Biltmore, NC in 2013.

Gertrude Jekyll – David Austin Rose

Large rosettes of rich, glowing pink.  Glorious, strong, well-balanced, old rose fragrance. Upright, vigorous and very healthy.  Simple to Grow, Climbing.

Litchfield Angel – David Austin Rose

Deep cups open to neat, creamy apricot rosettes.  Very free-flowering.  A shapely shrub.  Light, spicy scent.  Simple to grow, low maintenance.

Molineaux – David Austin Rose

Yellow flowers with exceptional freedom and continuity.  Lovely musk, tea rose fragrance.  Superb, healthy shrub with upright growth.  Simple to grow, low maintenance.

Mustead Wood – David Austin Rose

Deep Velvety crimson blooms.  Strong old rose fragrance with fruity notes.  Forms a broad, bushy shrub.  Simple to grow, low maintenance.

Teasing Georgia – David Austin Rose

Perfectly arranged creamy yellow petals in cupped blooms.  Wonderful, strong tea rose fragrance.  Strong, graceful and very healthy.  Simple to grow, low maintenance, climbing.

Winchester Cathedral – David Austin Rose

Massed white blooms.  Strong old rose, honey and almond fragrance.  Particularly free-flowering and healthy.  Simple to grow, low maintenance.