Sedum (Stonecrop) ‘Autumn Fire’ the new & improved ‘Autumn Joy’!

20150827_154142‘Autumn Fire’ is a newer sedum cultivar that is an improvement over the popular ‘Autumn Joy’.  ‘Autumn Fire’ features deeper, rich rosy-pink flowers that last longer than blooms of ‘Autumn Joy’ and grow on sturdier stems. Blooms age to coppery red for stunning late season color. Sedums do not need much special care however, they prefer full sun and good drainage – they do not like to remain in wet soil.

Sedum (Stonecrop) is a large classification of plants with thick, succulent leaves, with clusters of small star shaped flowers.  Varieties range from ground covers that are low growing to tall, upright varieties.  Sedums look fabulous from the time they emerge in spring through fall. Foliage color ranges from blue to chartreuse green to reddish-bronze. Established plants need very little supplemental water to thrive handling periods of drought with ease.  Add ‘Autum Fire’ Sedum to borders, containers, rock gardens, or that hot, dry spot in your landscape.  This easy going plant is a perfect perennial selection and butterflies love it as much as we do!  A great substitution or addition to ‘Autumn Joy’ in the perennial garden.

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