Snapdragons love cool weather making them an ideal annual choice for fall.  Use them to provide bright color in beds and containers throughout the fall and beyond. They are cheerful, vibrant and attract both pollinators and hummingbirds.  Plant in full sun.  Snapdragons grow anywhere from 6 inches to 3 feet depending on variety.

Some new snapdragon varieties we love this year:

Snapshot Snapdragons

Short variety growing just 6-10″ tall.  Bushy & compact plants with lightly scented multi-colored flowers with a yellow flare.

Speedy Sonnet Snapdragons

A reliable medium height snapdragon perfect for beds & containers.  This low maintenance annual grows 18-24 inches tall.

Rocket Snapdragons

Rocket is the king of all tall snapdragon varieties!  Bright spikes of big, dense flowers 2 1/2 to 3 feet tall.  A wonderful container ‘thriller’ for fall!