It’s Time to Start Your Fall Veggies!

shutterstock_153824000Starting seeds is a rewarding gardening project!  In the NC Piedmont region, which includes Raleigh, August is a great month to start your cool weather vegetable seeds.  These cool weather loving veggies are able to extend your vegetable growing season and your harvest of delicious veggies from your home garden!  We carry conventional seeds as well as organic, heirloom and non-GMO seeds.  We have a newly replenished stock just in from Botanical Interests! Make sure to shop for seeds early to get the best selection! For seed starting tips see our article here.

Seeds to Start for Fall Planting


Seed Starting Dates

Beets 7/1-9/15
Broccoli 7/1-8/15
Brussles Sprouts 7/15-8/15
Cabbage 7/1-8/15
Collards 7/15-8/15
Cauliflower 7/1-8/15
Endive 8/15-9/15
Kale 8/15-9/15
Kohlrabi 8/1-9/15
Lettuces 8/15-9/15
Mustards 8/1-9/15
Radish 8/1-9/15
Rutabaga 8/1-8/15
Spinach 8/1-9/1
Turnip 8/1-9/15

Please see this article for spring seed starting dates.

Some Seeds We Love

BI Dragon Tongue Arugula2 Gourmet Blend Beets









Red Winter KaleWatermellon Radish