Vacation Watering

It’s always a worry to keep new and established plants and containers watered during the hot months of summer especially when you are traveling out of town for the weekend or going on vacation.  We have several products to help you keep your plants happy while you are away – or if you just want to have your feet propped up on the patio!

We have a selection of self watering bags available for trees and shrubs. These are a once a week bladder for newly planted trees and shrubs.  Take the guesswork out of watering whether you are home or away!

Self-watering spikes are a great way to keep your containers watered inside and out! Recycle a bottle to keep your plants hydrated and beautiful whether you forget to water or will be away from them for an extended time.

Soil Moist is a granular soil amendment designed to reduce plant watering. It is inexpensive and environmentally friendly. Soil Moist saves time, labor and plant loss!

Zeezee plants are perfect for vacation homes or for seasoned travelers.  Plants can tolerate as little as once a month watering!

Air plants normally require biweekly watering but the high humidity at the coast will keep them happier at your beach home even when you’re away.