Great Late Summer Bloomers & Plants with Fall Interest

Abelia ‘Kaleidoscope’

A relatively new and the most striking variegated Abelia on the market!  This beautiful ornamental plant is a reliable landscape shrub that has year round interest.  In early spring leaves emerge on bright red stems with lime green centers and bright yellow edges.  In summer the yellow turns more golden and the variegation does not burn in scorching sun.  In autumn the foliage turns to fiery oranges and reds.   The foliage then hangs on through winter.  In addition, this plant keeps up with light pink buds that open to white blooms spring through fall.  It grows 2-3 feet tall and wide making it quite versatile.  It works well in containers, small gardens, formal or informal hedges, mass plantings or as an accent plant.

Hydrangea paniculata ‘Vanilla Strawberry’

The Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea is a delightful addition to the garden.  It works equally as well as a foundation planting, specimen plant or mixed into a border or woodland garden.  The enormous flower heads begin midsummer and last into fall.  Blooms emerge pale green, turn to cream and then to pink.  These ever changing blooms are always emerging so this blooming shrub displays all of these transitional colors at once.  Plants begin upright and then weep adding to the visual appeal.  In the south these plants do best in part sun or dappled shade.  They’ll grow to 6-7 feet tall and 4-5 feet wide in just a few years.   Butterflies love them as much as we do!

Japanese Maple ‘Ryusen’

This stunning and exciting specimen stands out even among the vast selection of Japanese Maples in our nursery.  Ryusen is the truest weeping variety with limbs dropping as strong as water flowing over a dam.  The cascading branches of Ryusen are just lovely, beginning in spring with emerging bright green foliage that turns to deep green by summer.  In fall, it keeps up the show as the leaves turn to vibrant orange and red hues.  This plants natural shape makes it great for narrow locations or tucked into a mixed bed.  It can even be grown to cascade over a small fence or arbor.  This maple is an ideal selection for our area of North Carolina as it tolerates clay soil, full sun and heat more than most Japanese Maples.   Add ones of these beauties to your landscape today and it will sure to be a conversation piece.


We have a variety of great sedums that have just arrived for your late summer and fall garden.  ‘Thundercloud’ is a dwarf variety with heavily serrated leaf edges and through September features a “cloud” of small white star shaped flowers.  Thundercloud works perfect in containers as well as mixed gardens.  ‘Chocolate Drop’ (shown left) is a beautiful and interesting specimen with upright mounds of scalloped chocolate brown leaves with rose colored blooms.  They look beautiful mixed with other fall colors!  ‘Birthday Party’ (shown left below)  is an outstanding variety with huge deep rose colored flower heads that last through fall.  ‘Raspberry Truffle’ features large purple brown leaves and beautiful rose pink flowers.  ‘Hot Stuff’ is one of the shortest sedum varieties.  It grows as a tight mound of light green foliage with bright neon pink flower heads.

Lavender ‘Phenomenal’

This new, extremely hardy and excellent performing variety is, well, phenomenal.  It was named a ‘Must-Grow Perennial’ for 2013 by Better Homes & Gardens.  It has excellent winter survival and is tolerant to extreme heat and humidity.  It is also disease resistant, deer and rabbit resistant and butterfly attracting!  Popular for it’s silvery foliage, vigorous mounding growth and a gorgeous flowering presentation as well as it’s refusal to die back in winter.  The fragrant blooms are ideal for fresh and dried arrangements as well as oil uses.  Plant it in sun in mass planting or a mixed garden and it will grow to two feet tall and wide.

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