Add Color to Your Yard With Birds

This is the time of year when we are yearning for more color around our homes.  The colors from summer’s blooms and fall’s leaves have left behind browns and grays in our gardens.  Bringing birds to our yards is a great opportunity to enjoy more color outside of our cozy living spaces. Birding basics will tell you that attracting birds to your backyard is fairly easy as long as you provide them with the things they need: food, water and shelter.


Provide multiple feeders and types of  feed to attract the largest variety to your yard.  Many types of feeders deter squirels and larger birds to allow smaller birds to eat in peace and other feeders are designed specifically for wood peckers.  In addition to seed, suet is esspecially popular this time of year.  Another often overlooked food source for birds are berry bearing plants.


Everything needs water to survive and thrive.  While bird baths are a great start the sound of running water is said to attract more birds from farther distances.  The waterfall of a pond or a fountain is a great way to achieve this.  As with feeders, offering a variety of different places for birds to get water will ensure more sticking around.


Bird houses are made specifically for different size and varieties of birds.  Offer a variety of these sizes, and many of each, to maximize the number of birds calling your yard home.  In addition to bird houses trees and shrubs are also a source of shelter for birds.  This time of year that can be sparse unless you have a selection of evergreens in your yard.  Hollies,  pines, and camellias, to name a few,  are  great options for providing coverage all year long.