Osteospermum (African Daisies)

African Daisies are so named because they in fact originate from South Africa.  Osteospermums come in an array of beautiful colors – mostly pinks to purples, orange, yellow and white.  My favorites are the ones that are orange with purple centers like the Proven Winner ‘Orange Symphony’ variety.  They are beautiful mixed into a border or container with other purple annuals and perennials.  African Daisies need well drained soil and direct sun – the sweet blooms open fully during the day and close each night.  They all grow from 6-16 inches tall.  The petals vary from smooth and regular to dipped and spoon shaped! African Daisies prefer cooler weather so they offer a great burst of color this time of year!  We currently have white, purple, orange and yellow varieties in stock!