Aralia Cordata ‘Gotemba’ (Golden Japanese Spikenard)

Aralia Cordata 'Gotemba' Golden Japanese Spikenard blooms

This unique, hardy, perennial originated from Japan.  Historically, Japanese have eaten the young emerging shoots giving it the common name “Mountain Asparagus.”  Aralia C ordata 'Gotemba' Golden Japanese Spikenard foliage reducedThe root is also used medicinally in Korea.  This upright perennial is a rapid grower to tree-like proportions reaching up to 6-10 ft. tall!  It’s fairly easy to grow adapting to most soil types and exposures and doesn’t normally need fertilization.  Aralia Cordata is happiest in light shade but will tolerate both full sun and full shade although requiring more water in full sun.  It is not suited for periods of drought but takes moist soil with ease.

In spring, golden foliage shines and then turns to bright green in summer.  Aralia Cordata 'Gotemba' Golden Japanese Spikenard berriesProduces attractive, loose, white flower bunches in late summer that pollinators love!  Blooms make way for attractive purplish-black berries which are inedible.