Chamaecyparis obtusa (Hinoki Cypress)

20150723_162419There are few trees as distinctive as the Hinoki Cypress.  Unique, elegant, handsome are all words to describe this ornamental evergreen that’s perfect for the home landscape.  In their natural habitat of Japan it’s possible to reach 100 feet or more but don’t worry, you’ll never see one reach that in our climate anywhere in the next couple hundred years.  In the home landscape you can expect these slow growing trees to reach 30-35 feet tall in 30 years. Because of their slow growth there are dwarf varieties that are ideal for bonsai and miniature gardening.  If you’d like a large specimen in the landscape don’t worry, we have several large selections in stock already 4 feet or larger to provide instant gratification.

The Hinoki Cypress’s branches display sprays of attractive dark green foliage.  Reddish-brown bark is interesting and develops an increasingly striking texture with age.  Irregular branching makes each tree unique.

Trees prefer plantings in moist, well-drained soil.  Typically preferring full sun, in our climate trees benefit from a little shade to provide protection from strong afternoon sun.