Plant Coleus for Fabulous Foliage

Coleus Kong RoseColeus are one of the best annuals for shade or sun.  Sun exposure preferences vary by cultivar as many new sun tolerant varieties have been introduced.  Coleus’ showy and interesting foliage patterns come in an array of colors ranging from muted gold to vibrant fuchsia.  They make a great addition to flower beds or mixed container gardens and are excellent choices for color echoing.   They range in size from 8″ to up to 36″ tall – one is sure to match the size you are looking for.  Coleus plants vary widely in, not only color and size, but also in leaf shape.  Some varieties feature ovate leaves, small or large, to frilly displays.  There are even trailing varieties.

Coleus Mint Mocha reducedColeus prefer evenly moist garden soil and will benefit being planted with a slow release fertilizer.  You may pinch off taller growth to maintain size and encourage bushiness.  You may also pinch off the flowers too as they appear to keep them looking their best.

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Coleus mized reduced