Daphne odora, winter queen of perfumes

Daphne odora is one of the most sought after flowering shrubs, not for the beauty of her flowers, though they are pretty enough, but for their fragrance. It is like no other, sweet and clean, a little like jasmine, a little like orange blossom, but mostly like itself and no other. And this shrub is winter blooming, showing it’s gorgeous, fragrant flowers when we all need a lift.

In the South, Daphne prefers afternoon shade and perfect drainage in an area that stays dry. Be careful not to over water. It is better for Daphne to wilt a little between watering. Daphne needs little care, no pruning necessary, and only fertilize when the leaves have turned a pale green. Daphne is a beautiful fragrant shrub, green and gorgeous and producing multitudes of those wondrous flowers. A single cut blossom will perfume a room; giving satisfaction inside and out!