Deodar Cedar

Cedrus deodara ‘Bush’s Electra’

Cedrus deodaras are beautiful evergreen trees originally native to the Himalayas but adapt wonderfully to home gardens.  They tolerate a variety of soil conditions but like most plants will do best in moist, well-drained soil. When established, they handle periods of drought well and they are fast growing.  Deodar Cedars are known for their graceful pendulous branches with beautiful blueish green  or silvery needles, although newer golden varieties are also available. Trees usually grow in a broadly pyramidal shape to 30-50 feet tall but new weeping and dwarf varieties are also available.   Plant them in sun to part sun as a specimen or they also make a great screening plant.  Branches are dense at the bottom but more airy at the top – creating a nice screen in the yard but still letting in air and light above.

Cultivars We Love

California Christmas Tree – Large tree with attractive gray green foliage and graceful, arching branches.  Add a wonderful living Christmas tree to the landscape! Allow plenty of room to best display this stately tree. Heat and drought tolerant when established.

Bush’s Electra – Medium sized with a pyramidal habit.  Bright silvery blue needles year round.  Nice, colorful landscape accent with fine texture. Grows to 30 ft. tall by 15 feet wide.

Feelin’ Blue – One of the lowest of the dwarf forms grows to just 2 feet tall by 5 feet wide.  Very attractive blue-green foliage.

Fellin’ Sunny – This dwarf, spreading, cedar features golden foliage.  Grows to just 4 feet tall and spreads to 8 feet wide.

Cedrus deodara ‘Gold Cone’

Gold Cone – A medium sized tree growing to 25’ tall by 10’ wide with golden green needles.

Kashmir – A grand tree with beautiful silvery-blue foliage.  A perfect specimen, majestic architectural interest.  Give it plenty of space for full effect.

Miles High – A funky growing upright.  Provides lots of character in the garden. Grows to 10-15 ft tall.

Snow Sprite – This low & irregular mounding conifer. Almost white new growth fades to yellow. Could grow a leader with age that needs to be pruned if a low habit is wished to continue. Best in part shade where the bright foliage can really shine!

Sterling Frost – A beautiful selection! Large, conical shaped with slightly weeping branches.