Designing Your New Pond

The process of designing a new pond can be overwhelming.  Customers often ask, “Where do I begin?”  We would like to share some design considerations to keep in mind when determining the placement and design of your new pond.

aquatic garden1When determining the placement of your new pond a very important factor to consider is visibility.  It’s obvious that you’d like to view your pond from your outdoor deck, porch or patio during the nicer parts of the year but what about days that keep you indoors because of rain or cold temperatures?  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to enjoy your pond from indoors as well?  Consider the rooms you spend a great deal of your time and try to incorporate window views of your new pond.  It’s nice to be able to enjoy your pond from you kitchen window, your dinning room table or your favorite chair.

Water Garden reduced for webAnother factor to consider is the elevation of the area you’d like to build.  A natural slope works well with creating a natural stream or waterfall and cuts down on the work needed to create such a feature.  As you contemplate the placement, size and shape of your pond area, consider the placement of your filter and skimmer.  Also think about creating different depth zones in your pond – a marginal shelf 0-8″ deep on the edge, multiple of extending mid zones 12-16″ deep for lillies and deep plants, and a section 24″ deep for overwintering plants.

Before you purchase supplies, measure the area to help get an estimate of the length of tubing and liner you will need to build your pond. You’ll want to allow yourself a little extra just in case.  Select a pump that is powerful enough to handle the amount of water in your pond as well as creating enough flow for your stream or waterfall.

Before building your pond also be sure you are familiar with the keys to building a healthy pond.