How to Make a Fairy Garden

Fairy gardening is an enchanting project for all ages! These pint sized miniature gardens can be any shape or size from a sprawling tiny landscape to a tea cup sized container. Creating one of these little wonders is easy.  All you need is a little creativity and imagination.

Creating a fairy container is an easy and rewarding gardening project.  Just follow these easy steps!

Choosing a Fairy Container

A fairy container can be almost anything including a decorative bowl, a hollowed out book, a wagon or a broken terracotta pot.  It’s best to choose a wide and shallow container – small fairy plants have tiny root systems so they don’t need deep soil to be happy.  A wider container will allow for more space for plants, accessories and for the fairies to play!

Be sure that your container has proper drainage – no plants will be happy in standing water.  A container should be selected with drain holes in the bottom and should be filled with quality potting soil.  Only use slow release fertilizer to keep plants small.

Select Your Miniature Plants

Before you start picking out your plants, think about where you will put your container – in sun or in shade?  How often will you be able to water it?  Are you looking for a container to work in shade or one the will take drought and full sun?

Start by choosing one taller plant to act as a tree in your garden.  This could be an evergreen shrub, a perennial euphorbia, or a rosemary to name a few.

Next, choose a selection of lower growing plants that will add color and texture to your garden.

TIPS:  Fairies love fragrant and colorful plants.  Choose selections that are slow growing so plants don’t take over your container.

Planting a Fairy Garden

Start by planting your “tree” toward the back of your garden.  Next, imagine a fairy path and trace it in the soil with your finger.  Plug the rest of your plants in the areas around your path.  If you have a large accessory or fairy house you want to include, leave space for it when you are placing your plants.

TIP: Plant your favorite plants first incase you run out of room.

Making a Fairy Path

Put down a quarter inch of sand in the shape of your path.  Sand will help keep your rocks in place.  Next, add small pebbles on top of the sand.  You may also use a few larger rocks to make stepping stones along your path.

The next step is to moss the area surrounding your path and plants.  Moss will help keep everything in place until your plants start to grow in.  Preserved moss will lighten over time but it really makes your fairy garden look like a miniature landscape with grass.


The last part of creating your fairy garden is the best part – decorating it will miniature accessories and furniture.  Don’t for get your fairy friends and pets too! We have a wide selection of miniature adornments for your garden!

Caring for Your Fairy Garden

Caring for your fairy garden is very similar to caring for any container garden.

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