Freeze Fresh Herbs Now And Use Them Later!

Growing your own herb garden can be very beneficial and satisfying.  In addition to the enjoyment of watching plants grow from tiny seeds or little plants into fully developed ready to pick herbs, there are many other benefits to growing your own herbs at home.  There is always a fresh, nearly never ending supply of herbs just a few steps away.  They are grown naturally and organically without pesticides, herbicides or insecticides and are a fraction of the cost of fresh herbs found in the grocery store.  Not only can an herb garden provide you with fresh herbs during the growing season but can also be stored for use in the off season as well.  Herbs such as thyme and sage dry easily for storage in jars or bags at room temperature. Soft leafed herbs such as tarragon, basil, cilantro, oregano and parsley can be dried but often loose most of their flavor.  The following method can be a better way to store these herbs for the winter:

1)  select the best leaves, free of bruises or spots, rinse then though roughly and dry them on a towel.  (Morning harvesting is best)

2)  chop and mix with olive oil or water.

3) spoon into ice cube trays, add oil or water to cover, and freeze.

4)  transfer frozen cubes into a freezer bag for convenient storage.

The small cubes thaw easily or can be dropped frozen into soups and sauces.  Pesto also freezes nicely in the same manner.