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Most of our customers are surprised when they discover our expansive gift selection. Tucked between our garden store and the greenhouse, our gift area has a variety of high quality items for any occasion. Our buyers always have their eye out for the latest in home décor and gift items, so our selection changes regularly. We offer a variety of gardening gifts including bird baths, bird feeders, wind chimes, gardening tools, pottery and statuary, but we also carry a variety of gifts for the hostess and entertainer. Some of the most popular gift items we always have in stock include:

Nora Fleming Serving Pieces & Minis

Finally one platter for every occasion! These traditional white platters can be dressed up with the mini topper of your choice. Change them out and switch it up! We have toppers for every holiday and special occasion. It’s the perfect gift for a hostess or for the person who has everything.  See more here.

Lampe Berger

These lamps were formulated by a pharmacologist, Maurice Berger, and submitted for patenting in 1898. The initial Lampe Berger lamp had a single purpose — to be used in hospitals to cleanse and freshen the air. Today, a Lampe Berger makes it possible to improve air quality and to fragrance it. We carry a variety of lamp styles and scented fuels.

Michele Design Works

Wooden trays capture the beauty of gently worn, well-loved objects. Each piece is handmade, with decoupaged top and sides, and antiqued edges. Collectible and practical—the perfect gift! Other gift items include matching soaps, napkins, kitchen towels, and lovely note cards.

Nest Candles

An exquisite collection of fine fragrances, the NEST Fragrances Collection combines color, texture and fragrance to enhance your everyday living and entertaining experience. The glass vases are designed to complement the beauty of its surroundings; the classic shape and modern stripe etching will complement any décor. Each of the fragrances has been created by the most accomplished perfumers at the world’s leading fragrance houses. We have 7 different varieties available.

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