Pest & Disease Control

Goodness knows that while we all love to garden, there are many pests and diseases that love our gardens as much as we do. The balance of life in the garden can sometimes become disrupted, and we are here to help you when something has taken over or is enjoying your garden more than you are! From mealy bugs to moles, scale to squirrels, we can help you to find the appropriate chemical or organic method to solve your pest and disease problems. We carry products by Bonide, I must garden, Captain Jack’s and more. Feel free to challenge our staff to help you come up with the right solution!

Plant Rx

We’re here to diagnose your plant problems! Please bring in a photo, or a cutting of a diseased or infested plant in a sealed plastic bag, and we will help you determine the best plan of action for taking back your garden! We have many options for disease and pest control including organic products.

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