Rock & Stone

If you’re looking for stone or pavers for your next landscape or hardscape project, look no further! We have everything you need at Atlantic Avenue Orchid & Garden.  We offer a variety of landscaping rocks and landscaping stones.  Choose from various varieties and colors of flagstone, river jack, pebbles, rock, slate, stepping stones, and more either by the bag or by the pound.

Please call us today to confirm pricing and availability.  We normally stock:

  • River Jack
  • River Pebbles
  • Pond Pebbles
  • Diamond Gravel
  • White Marble
  • Red Lava
  • Brick Nuggets
  • Mexican Beach Pebbles
  • Granite Edging
  • Flagstone
  • Slate
  • 12 x 18 Slate Stepping Stones
  • Assorted Natural Rock

Our Stone is Perfect for Your Next Project

Whether you are working on a new patio, walkway, waterfall, pond, retaining wall, stone feature or other landscaping project, we have the rock or stone you need to complete your vision.  Purchase just a few pieces or many.


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