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An amendment is any material added to a soil to improve its physical properties, such as water retention, permeability, water infiltration, drainage, aeration and structure. The goal is to provide a better environment for roots. To do its work, an amendment must be thoroughly mixed into the soil. If it is merely buried, its effectiveness is reduced, and it will interfere with water and air movement and root growth.  See our article on amending soil here. A tiller is the best and easiest way to mix amendments into your existing soil.  Plus they help break up compacted soil to make it easier for roots to grow. We offer tiller rentals for full or half days at reasonable rates.  Give us a call (919) 878-8877 to reserve yours today.

Organic Soil Amendments:

Organic soil amendments modify the soil structure as they decompose, allowing it to absorb and retain water and nutrients more efficiently. Soil-borne insects, worms, fungi, and other organisms help decompose organic material, but require energy from available nitrogen in the soil to do so. For this reason, the soil must often be augmented with nitrogen when non-composted organic amendments are applied.

We carry a full line of Daddy Pete’s local North Carolina products, as well as products by Dr. Earth, Fox Farm and Espoma.

Soils & Amendments we Recommend

Product Name Use
Daddy Pete’s Planting Mix Cow Manure and Soil Conditioner for Planting Trees & Shrubs
Dr. Earth Rose & Flower Mix for Flowers & Perennials
Daddy Pete’s Raised Bed Mix Mix for Flowers & Vegetables
Happy Frog Soil Conditioner Loosens Clay Soils and Conditions Soils
Daddy Pete’s Soil Enhancer Soil Conditioner Composed of Triple-Shredded Aged Pink Bark Fines (Vegan)
Fox Farm Happy Frog Soil Conditioner Soil Conditioner Composed of Aged Forest Products, Earthworm Castings, Bat Guano, Microbes & Humic Acid
Daddy Pete’s Lawn & Garden Soil Conditioner composed of Cow Manure, Aged Pink Bark Fines, Gypsum & Sand for Amending Soil, Gardens & Lawns
Daddy Pete’s Potting Mix Potting Mix
Dr. Earth Pot of Gold Potting Mix
Fox Farm Ocean Forest Potting Mix
Fox Farm Happy Frog Potting Mix
Fox Farm Coco Loco Potting Mix with Coconut Fines
Fox Farm Salamander Potting Mix for Moisture Loving
Dr. Earth Vegetable Plant Mix Vegetable Gardening
Lady Bug Turkey Compost Compost for Vegetable Gardening
Daddy Pete’s Cow Manure Compost for Vegetable Gardening
Daddy Pete’s Kickin Chicken Compost for Vegetable Gardening
Daddy Pete’s Mushroom Compost Compost for Vegetable Gardening
Coarse Vermiculite Provides Aeration

We Now Offer Bulk Soil & Mulch Delivery!

Need more than a few bags?  We now offer bulk soil and mulch delivery. Minimum of 3 cu. yd. for delivery.  Delivery fee is $35.  24 hr. notice required.  Cost per cu. yrd. is as follows:

Triple Shredded Hardwood Mulch (Drk or Lt) $23.00
Playground Mulch $27.00
Designer Mulch (Brown or Red) $32.00
Long Needle Pine Straw $5.99 per bale
Conditioned Topsoil $25.00
Certified Organic Compost $27.00
50/50 Mix (Compost/Topsoil) $26.00
Pine Fines Soil Conditioner $30.00

Pricing does not include installation.

Recommended coverage is 3 inches in depth.  Calculation (SF x 0.25)/27.  Example: 500 SF x 0.25 = 125 cu ft/27=4.63 yards.  Therefore 5 yards is recommended.

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