Grass Plugs- Zoysia, Bermuda, Centipede & St. Augustine Grasses

Atlantic Avenue Orchid & Garden offers a wide variety of warm season grass plugs for any southern lawn, sunny or shady. They are a great solution for repairing thin patches or bare spots in your existing lawn or covering a new area.  We have many varieties to choose from including Centipede, Bermuda, St. Augustine & Zoysia.

Centipede is a durable, drought tolerant southern turf that naturally chokes out weeds in sunny lawns.  Touted as the “lazy man’s grass” centipede’s slow growth pattern will keep you in the recliner rather than on the mower.

Celebration Bermuda is another durable turf that handles high traffic and adverse growing conditions.  It’s fine texture offers golf-course quality turf for the hottest of spots in your sunny lawn.

Palmetto St. Augustine is the most cold-tolerant cultivar of St. Augustine available on the market, offering traffic, heat and drought tolerance for both full sun or heavy shade.

Empire Zoysia has gained in popularity among converted fescue growers, offering the fine, upright texture of fescue, with the durability and drought tolerance of summer turfs.

When planting any grass plugs the best method is planting in straight lines using a checkerboard pattern using with one plug per sq. ft (12″ spacing).  Planting closer together can be used for quicker establishment.

The ideal method of preparing your soil for planting is to add appropriate amendments and then till.  Planting is pretty easy, like most plants, just dig a hole, plop it in and tamp down.  If you choose not to till prior to planting, dig holes slightly larger than the plug and add compost to your existing soil.  Always water in well and continue to give your lawn water every other day for the first month.

We are happy to offer our customers the best of all summer turfs for any southern lawn.