GROSS! My Pond is Green!

As the weather begins to turn warm, the algae blooms.  It can come on quickly and take over your whole pond.  Luckily, it is easy to treat.

Newer ponds are more susceptible to algae blooms than established ponds because they lack the biological balance.  The natural way to prevent, and get rid of algae is by providing proper water circulation and shading two-thirds of your pond’s surface with plant material to cut down on the sunlight.  Water hyacinth (shown), water lettuce and other floaters do a wonderful job while also filtering nitrates.  Other shallow water, or marginal plants, assist with shading as well as providing filtration and shelter for your fish.  Even plants requiring deep water can help; the lily pads from water lilies do a fine job of shading the pond surface. Establishing the natural balance takes some time to achieve and therefore requires patience.  Products containing beneficial bacteria can help speed up this natural process.

A chemical intervention can provide faster results and may be necessary for the pond’s first year as the natural balance becomes fully established.  Products such as Algaefix will provide quick suppression of algae but must be used carefully according to directions to ensure fish safety.  This can be followed up by a more natural product Pond-zyme with barley.  This will absorb and break down the algae and help the pond return to the natural cycle.  The use of chemicals to treat algae should be done in conjunction with the natural measures above.

Other methods include adding products that will dye the water blue to block out sun or using UV lighting to kill the algae.