Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds – Non GMO!

You may have seen them featured in the New York Times, Martha Stewart, or Oprah, but they’re finally here. Atlantic Avenue is excited to announce that we are selling Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. All seeds are non hybrid, non GMO, non treated, and non patented for over 100 years. Jere Gettle started his first Baker Creek Heirloom catalog in 1998 and it has since grown to offer the largest selection of rare, heirloom varities in the USA, including 1,450 Asian & European varieties. Unlike the majority of seed companies, Baker Creek has spent years networking with 150 small farms and collecting seeds while traveling abroad.

Words cannot express our excitement to offer, as a part of this selection, seeds from one of the hottest tomato growers – Brad Gates of Wild Boar Farms from Napa Valley.  These tomato varieties offer extroidinarily high levels of anioxidants and amazing taste!  These cultivars vary in size from cherries to large beefsteaks. Try varieties such as Pink Berkely Tie Dye, Tomato Solar Flair, Blue Beauty (shown below) and Blue Berries.
For those who want to grow their own grains, we are now selling Egyptian wheats, quinoa, and Carolina Gold Rice, often called the “grandfather of long-grain rice culture in North America.” We also have flowers ranging from cold tolerant poppy and California poppy seeds to blue or yellow lupins. All kinds of different beans are now readily available such as the Chinese Red Noodle been which grows to be 18 inches long!


It may be winter, but the growing season isn’t too far away. Just after the new year our golden sweet peas or sweet peas chocolate streamers will be ready to be planted in your garden. January and February will be the time to start seeds indoors for seedlings to later transplant into the garden.  Or, if you have a greenhouse go ahead and start some unusual cucumbers like the Mexican Sour Gherkin and have “fairy melons” this spring.