Himalayan Sweetbox – Fragrant Groundcover for Shade

48b59de5-9753-492f-94cc-83401c69f9b4Sarcococca hookeriana var. humilis ‘Sarsid1’ (Himalayan Sweetbox)  is a low growing, evergreen shrub ideal for dry shade.  Foliage is deep green  and dense and generally deer & rabbit resistant.  In late winter fragrant, white blooms tipped in pink bring a delight to the garden or landscape for several weeks and fill the garden with a heavenly scent.  Blooms are followed by interesting blue-black fruits.  Vigorous plants grow 12-18” tall and 3-4’ wide.  This shrub works as a wonderful groundcover that looks great year round and thrives will little care.  Plant in full to part shade. Learn more on our plant finder.