Landscape Design Process

Thinking of having us help plan a new landscape for your property? Below you’ll find a summary of our design approach to can acquaint yourself with the steps we’ll go through during the landscape design process.
Initial Contact
Once you have expressed interest in our design services, a designer will contact you to discuss your general needs and goals. We will set up a time to meet at your home, to explore your project in detail. 
Our goal for this meeting is to clarify a general scale and scope of the project, and set up a reasonable timeline for design and installation. Good communication is vital to the success of any project. It is often helpful to complete our Design Questionnaire before this meeting to provide your designer with as much information as possible regarding your needs and desires for your space. We will discuss the design cost as well as your material and installation budget.
If the scale of the project does not require a formal design drawing, we are more than happy to help develop your landscape through other methods like plant lists broken down into various areas of your garden.
Design Proposal and Acceptance
After our consultation meeting, we will prepare and send you a detailed design proposal for your review and approval. The design proposal summarizes the project scope and expectations. Once the design proposal is approved and deposit received, we will perform the following services:
  • Documentation Retrieval: We will compile the documents needed to develop your landscape plan, including permit applications if required.
  • Site Visit: During this visit we will perform a detailed site analysis. We will measure the site and note general topography and significant existing vegetation as required. We will photograph the areas to be landscaped.
  • Design Presentation: At this meeting, we present a preliminary landscape plan for your property. This plan is the development of our vision for your property and is shown in plan view, either hand drawn or in AutoCAD. This is an open discussion where we will seek feedback from you and adjust project budgets and the total cost of the project.  
  • Presentation of Revised Schematic  Design Concept: The final design drawing will include any changes we discussed after reviewing the preliminary plan and will be submitted to you both in hard copy and digital format.
For some clients, this may be the end of the design process. You are not required to engage Atlantic Avenue to install your landscape. If you choose to involve us in the installation of your project, we will begin to schedule and plan the construction. 
Atlantic Avenue offers design customers competitive discounts on the plants when purchased at once.
Schedule and Project Logistics
If you decided to have us install your landscape, we will sign a planting contract and set a date for installation. After this agreement has been signed and the deposit received, your project is entered into our planting schedule. We will begin acquiring materials and permits, and coordinating production teams, as necessary. 
Project Installation
The majority of your project is installed through in-house talent, but we also partner with trusted contractors. Throughout the installation process your landscape design consultant will continue to act as a project manager, working with you and our installation team to ensure a beautiful project that will last for years to come. The Atlantic Avenue team will complete your project professionally and in a timely manner.

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