Considering a Landscaping Renovation? Fall is the Ideal Time to Plant in the Southeast.

Have you been thinking about refreshing your landscaping? Renovating your outdoor landscape can add to your homes property value and get you a return on your investment.  There is no better time than the fall to undertake large or small landscaping projects.

September and October are optimal months for planting.  The soil is still warm, the weather is cooling off, and the rainfall is dependable; three things that ensure proper root formation before the first frost. Now is a great time to re-do some tired and worn out landscaping in your yard or embark on renovating a new area.

Before you start planning, you want to ask yourself a few questions:

Do you like an easy care landscape?Planting a tree

Do you prefer a more formal or more casual looking yard?

What style of house do you have?

Are you interested in a space to entertain in?

Answers to these questions will help you to determine what you want to see out of your landscaping.  Look around your neighborhood, local parks, garden centers and take note of what appeals to you.  Other factors to keep in mind are drainage and soil conditions, sun exposure, the location of your property lines and mature plant sizes.  Check out some of our featured plants in our article database.

Start with a focal point for the area you are landscaping. This could be a tree, plant, arbor, fountain, or your front door.  Then work on selecting other plants to balance the area.  If you aren’t sure where to begin or don’t feel comfortable with your own design skills, just bring us a picture of your foundation, or parts of your yard with some simple measurements and our plant experts are here to design a beautiful landscape for you.  See this article for more landscape planing tips.

Your landscaping should be more than lawn care and plants; it should be about the space you live in. It should incorporate beauty and interest, along with a sense of space and originality. We provide you with many elements to achieve that goal.  We can start by providing you with help selecting your plants, showing you the best method for planting if you’d prefer to do most of the work yourself or, if you need more help, we can also provide installation services.  If you need an in house consultation we can provide that also, just call us for details.