Interior Plant & Orchid Leasing & Maintenance


Our interior plant leasing and plant maintenance service is offered to commercial clients in the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill area including offices, hotels, atriums, commercial buildings, restaurants and retail businesses. We also have options for weddings and special events.

The overall look of your business is important. We can help you transform your offices and lobbies into stunning, welcoming spaces. The natural beauty of plants breathe life into your indoor environment and makes lasting impressions on your clients and customers. We can provide interior plantscaping design with orchid arrangements, custom containers, tropicals & trees to assist you in creating an attractive, healthy environment for your business.

Orchids are an especially great way to add a natural element and enhance your existing decor. They add a much needed touch of color to lobbies, conference rooms and other high visibility areas.

We’ll Keep All of Your Plants Looking Great!

office-lobbyWe can design, install and service your plantscaping. Our maintenance service keeps your plants looking as fresh and beautiful as the day they were installed without any of the work! Our team of specialists will visit your location regularly as part of our interior plant service – keeping your interior plants watered, healthy and attractive. Plants are exchanged for new ones as often as needed to ensure that everything is always fresh and beautiful.  We are more than a plant rental business – we work with our customers to keep their businesses looking great!

Contact Terri Adkins, Leasing Specialist, at 561-699-6191 (cell) or 919-459-2791 (office) , or email us, to schedule a free consultation to discuss your leasing and maintenance requirements.

Office Plants Clean Air & Increase Staff Productivity

stairway-plantsPlants aren’t just for looks!  It’s widely known that plants are great for cleaning the air. NASA has proven many inside plants are wonderful air purifiers, as they let out oxygen into the air they also remove toxic chemicals such as carbon dioxide, benzene, ammonia and formaldehyde.  These chemicals get into our air from cleaning products and interior finishes such as paint, carpet and furnishings. Other studies show that people working and living around plants tend to exhibit better mental and physical health. It’s not surprise then that they can also keep employees happier & more productive. According to a recent study published on office plants can increase productivity of employees by 15%!  Create a healthier, happier, and more visually appealing office environment with plants today!

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