Local Grown Tomato Plants

tomatoes 2Earlier this month Dr. Craig LeHoullier joined us for a talk on heirloom tomatoes.  We still have a selection of his tomato plants for sale at the garden center!  We are proud to offer a selection of tomato plants from Dr. Craig LeHoullier (nctomatoman), one of the countries leading experts on heirloom tomatoes.  All of his plants are grown in his driveway in North Raleigh from his personal collection of saved seeds.  Open pollinated tomato plants come from a true saved seed (not hybrid).  Heirloom tomato plants are open pollinated from varieties pre-dating 1949. Dwarf varieties are tomato plants that are a part of his dwarf project.  Dr. LeHoullier’s tomato plants we currently have at the garden center:

Cherokee Green (OP) – Mutation of Cherokee Chocolate – Green fruits.  Superb Flavor & excels in NC.
Livingston’s Golden (H) – Historic 1880’s release.  Medium tasty red.  productive, great for canning.
Green Giant (OP) – Incredible flavor.  Large pale green meaty fruits.
Little Lucky (OP) – Bee-produced cross between Brandywine & Tad.  Loads of medium, round yellow and red fruits with tremendous flavor.
Tiger Tom (H) – Golf ball sized red fruits with gold stripes.  Tart variety.
Great White (OP) – Largest, smoothest and best white tomato.
Yellow Brandywine (H) – Large pale orange fruits, delicious flavor.
Giant Syrian (H) – Produced huge red heart-shaped tomatoes, old variety.
Mexico Midget (H) – Grows wild in Mexico. Pea sized red fruit with BIG flavor.
Brandywine (H) – Large pink tomatoes with fantastic flavor. A very popular heirloom!
Polish (H) – Superb pink variety, similar to Brandywine but can be more productive some years.
Cherokee Chocolate (OP) – Delicious.  Yellow mutation of Cherokee Purple giving the fruit a brick reddish brown color.
Black Cherry (OP) – Prolific purple fruits!
Black from Tula (H) – Very productive, early fruiting.
Perth Pride (OP & D) – Medium round purple fruit with a tart and snappy flavor.

The NC Tomato Man

Dr. LeHoullier has been growing heirloom tomatoes for nearly 30 years and his personal collection contains upwards of 1000 varieties. He is working on finishing touches to his first book on tomatoes, called Epic Tomatoes, which will be published by Storey and available in December. (We can’t wait!)   He’s been featured by Garden & Gun, Carolina Gardener and frequently in the Raleigh N&O, works closely on tomato introductions with companies such as Victory, Johnny’s Selected Seeds, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange and Tomato Grower’s Supply Company, and is an active member of and Tomato Adviser to the Seed Savers Exchange.

Tomato & Vegetable Plants & Seeds

In addition to Dr. LeHoullier’s tomato plants, we also have a variety of organic and heirloom tomato plants from other growers, including grafted tomato plants, as well as a variety of other vegetable plants and herbs.  Plus a fabulous selection of vegetable seeds including heirloom seeds, organic seeds and non-GMO seeds.  See our related article on planting tomatoes and growing tomatoes.