Meyer Lemons – Indoor Lemon Tree

Myer Lemon 2 sq reduced The myer lemon tree is a great tropical for your collection!  Citrus limon ‘meyer’ is a dwarf citrus tree that, in North Carolina, should spend it’s summers in the sun outdoors and the winters inside.   Trees even produce at an early age and are self fertile.  Blooms are beautiful and VERY fragrant.  During periods of blooming (normally 2x per year) a meyer lemon will fill the room with a delicious scent.  There are few blooms that can match the fragrance of a meyer lemons!

One of the most popular citrus trees, this dwarf, indoor lemon tree produces edible, delicious, less acidic meyer lemons.  Meyer lemons are perfect cooking and juicing.  Use meyer lemon zest or juice in place of store bought lemons in your recipes or use them in your favorite cocktail.

variegated myer lemonCitrus limon ‘Variegated Meyer’ is a unique variegated variety!  Features variegated fruit and leaves.  Same delicious fruits and fragrant flowers as a traditional Meyer.

A meyer lemon tree can grow 8-10 feet tall.  They should be planted in a large container with high quality, well draining, potting soil.  Fertilize in late winter, late spring & fall with a quality citrus fertilizer.  We like organic Citrustone by Espoma.

If you collect tropicals, want a deliciously fragrant indoor tree, or like the idea of growing some of your own lemons at home, a meyer lemon tree is a great choice.  We also have a selection of other great citrus trees such as Kaffir Lime, Mexican Lime, Satsuma & Calamondin.  Learn more about our other citrus trees here.