Michelia x figo (Banana Shrub)

banana shrubMichelia x figo (Banana Shrub) is a beautiful, large, evergreen shrub featuring blooms with an intoxicating scent!  These magnificent specimens are actually in the magnolia family, clearly where they get their handsome, glossy green leaves & blooms shape.    Fragrant blooms are creamy-yellow, edged with crimson, and they bloom in not one, not two, but THREE seasons.  These repeat bloomers have long lasting, small, magnolia-like blooms – easily providing 4-5 months of total bloom time. As the name suggests, blooms smell like ripe bananas. In spring, banana shrub blooms for at least two months and then re-blooms in both summer and fall, for a month or more!

These shrubs are prefect for hedges, specimen plants, or for a backdrop for the bed. Plants are slow-growing, upright and rounded in habit.  They will mature at 10-15 feet tall.  However, they take pruning well and can be maintained at half the size easily.  Banana shrubs prefer to be planted in part sun, in slightly acidic, slightly sandy, soil enriched with organic matter.  Water regularly to establish but once established, will tolerate drought well. These shrubs are easy going and normally problem free.

A new and interesting cultivar has been developed that produces blushed lilac-pink blooms.  Fragrant flowers appear in late winter to mid-spring.  This cultivar is Michelia x ‘MicJUR01’ P.P.A.F. commonly called Fairy Magnolia Blush.