Add Fall Interest with Mukdenia & Montauk Daisy

Mukdenia rossi ‘Crimson Fans’
Red-Leafed Mukdenia

This deciduous perennial is a great one to plant for year round interest. The beautiful maple leaf-like foliage begins bright green in spring, transitions to a bronze-green, then green with red streaks that last through fall. White bell-shaped flowers bloom in spring. This perennial makes a wonderful ground cover in woodland gardens, mixed into a border or container garden. Works best in part shade and grows to one foot tall by two feet wide.

Nipponanthemum nipponicum
Nippon Daisy or Montauk Daisy

These tough, late blooming daisies are the perfect addition to the perennial garden. The large blooms dazzle in the fall garden once summer blooms have disappeared. Blooms are white with golden centers, growing on sturdy upright stems over glossy green leaves. They make a great cut flower for bouquets! Plant in full sun. Grows 18-30” tall.