National Indoor Plant Week

National Indoor Plant Week (September 15-21st) was established to increase public awareness of the importance of indoor plants. In addition to assisting in purifying indoor air, studies have shown that indoor plants create better moods in people working in offices or living in homes with houseplants.

NASA has proven many inside plants are also wonderful air purifiers, as they out oxygen into the air they also remove toxic chemicals such as carbon dioxide, benzene, ammonia and formaldehyde.  These chemicals get into our air from cleaning products and interior finishes such as paint, carpet and furnishings. Other studies show that people working and living around plants tend to exhibit better mental and physical health.  Great plant choices include Chinese Evergreen, Pothos, Peace Lily and many more!

To effectively help in cleaning the air, you’ll need to add more than one plant in your home or office. The NASA study suggests using 15-18 plants per 1,800 SF.  That is about, 3-4 plants per room or one potted plant per 100 square feet. The study is based on plants in 6-8″ sized pots.

With more homes and offices undertaking window and ventilation projects to become more energy efficient, the flow of air between inside and outside is reduced, thus increasing the concern for indoor air pollution. Create a healthier and happier environment with plants today!  We have a fabulous new selection of lush and tropical plants in our greenhouse in all shapes and sizes.  We love the below video by Costa plants about the benefit of interior plants!